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Looking forward with hope and optimism
This year’s Budget has duly addressed India’s core—its villages. Boosting farm income, intensifying village electrification, accelerating pending irrigation projects were amongst several proposals outlined More>>

Empowering the private sector
What was certainly a disconcerting observation during 2015 was the falling level of private sector enterprise in infrastructure sector, including power. More>>

UDAY could liberate discoms from financial morass
Private sector participation, which could have changed the fortunes of the power distribution sector, has been opposed vehemently by discoms. More>>

Dark villages, smart cities
In his Independence Day speech this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revisited the subject of village electrification. India can never consider itself developed if its villages are in a state of inadequacy. Only when villages have More>>

Good year ahead
The electrical equipment industry appears to be on the threshold of a turnaround. Though there are no figures available to substantiate the phenomenon, the sentiment is definitely turning positive. More>>

Let there be light
This edition marks Electrical Monitor’s entry into its tenth year of service to the electrical equipment industry. More>>

Reforms is only the first step
Reforms is only the first step More>>

Salvaging the UMPP dream
The pulling out of four qualified private sector bidders for the Odisha and Tamil Nadu ultra mega power projects (UMPP) recently creates an uneasy More>>

Technology to the rescue
Transmission & distribution has traditionally been the most neglected segment of the power value chain. Power distribution, in particular, has been singly responsible for the financial morass that government power utilities are today in. More>>

Dedicated to the nation
The past few weeks saw the Prime Minister dedicating to the nation a slew of projects – power plants, transmission lines, national highways and suchlike. More>>


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