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—Rathin Basu
Managing Director
Alstom T&D India Ltd
Orders & Contracts February - 2016
Gamesa has secured the first orders to supply the G114-2.0 mw turbine in India, a model for which the worldwide order book already stands at over 2,000 mw.
Empowering India
Electricity is a subject that touches every citizen – both directly and indirectly. Not only is it an enabler of human life but electricity is also an index of socio-economic development. It is simple truth that have access to electricity led a
New Products in March 2016
Delta, a manufacturer of power management and thermal management solutions, has launched its Amplon N 1-3 kVA series uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in India.
Yande Polymers
Power Efficient Battery Formation/Testing System with Energy Recycling

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